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Making children's learning processes meaningful, fun, hands-on and exciting, 

while including our knowledge and skills in permaculture and natural building, has become our main passion.  

We aim to empower children with some of the most important life skills, like growing organic food and building

their own homes, while taking care of their well being and environment.

Our aim is to build a platform, where for only a small contribution you will be able to find  

books and learning materials for children and adults in different languages,

covering many different topics and subjects.

Our materials are suitable for parents, homeschooling, play schools, classroom settings, summer camps and so on.

About me...

My name is Katarina, from Slovakia,

a mother of two wonderful girls, Leila and Evinia,

my greatest teachers and inspiration.

The love of gardening from childhood led

to further study of permaculture 

(a permaculture design course from the well-known Geoff Lawton, from Australia).

Since 2014, I've been a qualified permaculture designer and teacher.

I believe, knowing how to grow healthy, organic food is of upmost importance

(especially for children).

Throughout my permaculture studies, doors toward natural living opened wider,

as I explored different building techniques using natural materials.


Gradually, the exploration around these subjects encouraged a compilation of notes,

which formed the foundation of my joy as an author with my first book, Naturally Richer.  

My husband (David) and I fell in love with the idea of earthen buildings

and later built our earthen house in Slovakia. 

Many other books followed, each connected to our girls as part of their education,

in some way also reflecting my love for nature. 

My aim is to show children in an engaging way how amazing Nature is,

how important it is to learn about her and protect everything, which is a part of her.

Amongst our titles you will find books from the series of Love Learn Leave,

which teach children about endangered animals, from the animal's perspective.

The Captive series of books are bringing readers awareness to animal's lives in captivity.

The life story of captive animals is told by animals themselves in a very touching way. 

In my books, I write about topics, which I believe are important to cover,

while making them interesting and available for children.


The Earth is our Mother, The Sky is our Father.

The Ocean is our Uncle and the river is our Aunt.

All the living things, Animals and Plants are our Brothers and Sisters.

Take care of your family...

Katarina Garnett

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