About us...

This site is about Naturally richer living.

About us living closer to nature, living healthier and happier lives.

About building healthier homes using natural building materials.

About naturally richer learning, where children have the opportunity to learn with joy

and about what they are really interested in.

About sustainable growing methods, where fruits and vegetables are grown naturally richer in nutrients.

About books that are inspiring and educating us and our children.

About us living a naturally richer life.

About me...


My name is Katarina Garnett.

I am a stay at home mum to two amazing girls Leila and Evinia.

They are my greatest teachers and inspiration in my life.

I home-teach them, I educate and re-educate myself.

I want to be truth to myself in everything I do.

I am finding my path and purpose in this life, the deeper meaning...

In 2012 I have completed a Permaculture design course with permaculture teacher Geoff Lawton from Australia. Now I am a qualified permaculture teacher and designer. 

I love gardening and growing our food using Permaculture principles. 

I am passing on my knowledge about gardening to my children, as I believe knowing how to grow our own organic, healthy food is the most important topic our children should be learning about.

After my permaculture course, the door to natural living just opened wider. 

I have explored different building techniques using natural materials. With my husband we fell in love with cob (clay/earth, straw, sand) and we self built our own family home.


Very soon after completing my permaculture diploma, I found my joy as an author.

I write books with my whole heart, about topics, that I feel are necessary to cover and need our attention.

I have a deep appreciation for Nature and that is reflected in my books and my work.

I am creating learning materials and games for children, which parents or teachers can use and make their learning process easier, faster and more fun.

Very often I get lost in time and meditate by creating some artwork,

which I really love since I was a young child.

I am a very passionate author, permaculturist, artist, but most of all a grateful mum.

I want to to see the world in it's true colours

and I want to show it to my children too...

This is where my heart is...

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