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Making children's learning processes meaningful, fun, hands-on and exciting, 

while including our knowledge and skills in permaculture and natural building, has become our main passion.  

We aim to empower children with some of the most important life skills, like growing organic food and building

their own homes, while taking care of their well being and environment.

Our aim is to build a platform, where for only a small contribution you will be able to find  

books and learning materials for children and adults in different languages,

covering many different topics and subjects.

Our materials are suitable for parents, homeschooling, play schools, classroom settings, summer camps and so on.


If the file has pages in full color and also black and white, you will receive two separate files. One with black and white pages and one with pages that need to be printed in full color. It will save you printing B/W pages using color inks.

All the files have a minimum donation seen on download button.

If you like what we do and you'd like to add a little extra for any learning material, you can add with the plus sign.


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This folder prepares your child for school with 145 pages of different activities.

Levels of difficulty increase as child manages different tasks.

You'll cover: numbers, letters, counting - skip counting, counting in 2's, 5's, 10's, odd and even numbers, reading, writing, colors (warm, cool, neutral), shapes, adding, subtracting, positional words, beginning letter sounds, days of the week, seasons of the year,

time and much more...

Download, print, put into folder, write then wipe clean to reuse.

Downloadable printable, Pre writing tracing complete pack, pre school, homeschoolin, learning folder, teacher, childen, trace, practice had control, writig numers, letters, learning letters, shapes, naurally richer learning materials, school

In this folder you will find 140 pages.

This pack allows your child to master this key stage of learning with beautiful colors and pictures making each step enjoyable.

The first pages of this pack loosen child's hand with lines and twirls - the hand control,

moving onto writing and recognizing numbers, letters and shapes.

Get your child started at any age...

Download, print, put into folder, write, then wipe clean to reuse...

You can print and laminate the game if you need it to be more durable for many children or for school, or print it on thick paper 300mg if you know,

that it will be used with care. At the bottom of the page I have a link for a very good and affordable printing company where I get my materials printed. They deliver in EU.

downloadable printable bingo game for kids, children, learn teach English vocabulary, bingo numbers letters animals food colors vegetables fruits common words at home outside

Play BINGO and EASILY teach your child 400 new words in different languages.

A great family game even for native speakers of the language.

Ideal for homeschooling, parents and teachers in play/schools.

​In an easy and fun way, learn the language of numbers 1-100, the alphabet, animals, colors, fruits/vegetables plus other useful everyday words. 

The game contains 85 base cards with real life pictures.

Separate small cards, which someone pulls out, then shows and calls-out to the other players. 

Whoever has the picture on their large base card, marks it.

The first to have all pictures marked on their base card is the winner.

Download - Print - Laminate - Cut - Play - Learn

You can print and laminate these flashcards, making them durable for many children or for use in school; or print on thick paper 300mg if you know,
that it will be used with care. At the bottom of the page I have a link for a very good and affordable printing company where I get my materials printed. They deliver in EU.

Printable flash cards, downloadable learning materials, english vocabulary, homeschooling, wordschoolig, school, teachers, body parts, shapes, naturaly richer learning materials

Learn or teach vocabulary with these beautiful flashcards.

526 cards each with a word to learn,

all with real life pictures.

You can create many games by using these cards in different ways.

Numbers 1 - 100, letters, vegetables, fruits, colors, shapes, body parts, common words, animals and more...

Download, print, laminate, cut and use.

Downloadable printable learning materials, homeschooling folder, binder, matching games, puzzles, school, kids, teachers, naturallyricher learnin, practice ttention to detail, logical, critical thinking, hand eye coordinatin, couting, letters, colors, recognition

Play and learn with these matching games and puzzles.

72 different activities with varying levels of difficulty.

Practice attention to detail, patience, logical and critical thinking, number

and letter recognition, sequencing, counting, colors, hand - eye coordination and more.

All in easy and fun way.

Download - print - laminate - cut - play - reuse.

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