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Garlic Oil - Natural antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal remedy

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

My story with Garlic oil...

Once, when our first born daughter was around 2 years old, she got a very bad cold. She was full of snots which lasted for over a month. On top of that, she had a very bad cough especially during the night time. She was not eating very well, and after such a long time of fighting the germs she really looked tired and weak. We are not fans of medications, so we didn't give her any. We were just trying to boost her immunity with lots of fresh fruits and teas and making sure that she is drinking plenty of fluids so she would not get dehydrated. The turning point came when she bumped her lips on something and she didn't want to drink water properly because it was sore for her. At that time she was still breast fed, but she would not drink much of the milk either, because of her sore lip. In a matter of a day, she became very dehydrated and much weaker. You could see that she became very tired. At that point, we have decided that we will visit the doctor. Of course, we have received a list of medications topped with some antibiotics.

After coming home, and reading the long list of side effects on the antibiotics, I have decided that I will look up and find something natural for her first. I started my search for Natural antibiotics. Almost immediately I came across Garlic Oil. It said that it can be used even on small babies safely and for many different health problems. Some of them were fever, cough, ear infection, chest infection and so on.

Strait away I thought to myself, that I have to give it a try and if it doesn't work, we will turn to the medicine from the doctor.

That night I tried it with my 2 year old daughter. I put oil on her feet, socks on top of that and she went to bed with it. I also put it on her chest, throat and her back too. Even on her wrists...just in case... The next morning I waited for the results. Quite worried, hoping that we won't need to turn to the antibiotics. To my big surprise, after a moth of struggling with cough, temperature and never ending snots she woke up completely healthy. It was like a miracle... I couldn't believe it. I was upset with myself that I haven't found it sooner, but on the other side I was so happy to have found this simple, amazing, natural remedy for my family. And we used it ever since. My whole family did and always with great results!

Making Garlic Oil...

Making and using Garlic Oil couldn't be simpler...

All you need to do is chop or crush the garlic and put it into the oil you want to use. You can use any oil that you prefer or have at that moment at home. I like Coconut oil, but if I don't have it at home, I will use any edible oil like sunflower or olive oil.

Chop or grade into smallest pieces 2 big cloves of garlic and cover them with the oil. (lets say 2-3 big spoons of oil) Let it sit for half an hour at least, but if you are in a rush even 10 minutes will do. Ideally you will make the oil in advance and let it sit in your fridge for the time you will need it. That way you can use a glass bottle or a jar, put in few cloves of garlic (some even put whole, not chopped) and top it up with oil and use it when needed.

Using Garlic Oil...

When it come to using the oil, make sure that you will separate the garlic and use oil only!

The garlic can burn the skin. The Oil can be safely used on small babies (I have used it on my second daughter) but also with great results on adults. Basically no age limitations...

I put or massage it onto the persons feet and then I put the socks on - ideally for the night time, so they will sleep with it. Not every child will be happy to do that because the oil and the socks will make your feet feel very warm. There were times when I waited for them to fall a sleep and then I did it secretly. If you want, you can do it for the day time too. After you will put the oil and socks on, it will start heating up the foot. The whole principle is to sweat the germs out. That's why it is ideal to do it during the night, at least for few hours or so, because during the day child naturally wants to take the socks of because he is getting warm. Be aware that with a small baby you do not want to use it for the whole night with socks on. I did with my daughter, but I made sure she stayed uncovered and undressed in a warm room, so she would not get over heated.

With a small baby, start first without the socks first, and if you feel like you need more help in terms of healing, use the sock for a short time and monitor the baby. Be aware that the baby will be getting warm so make sure it is not over dressed, maybe even uncovered. All depending on your situation. With the older children I leave the socks on for the whole night. They will sweat out the germs and feel much better the next day.

For the sore throat and cough wipe it on chest and throat too.

For fever on feet with socks on.

For fungus on your nails apply regularly where needed...

I am sure that there are many more ways how you can use this amazing remedy.

These are the situations I have experiences with...

Hope that you will find it helpful too.

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