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Making children's learning processes meaningful, fun, hands-on and exciting, 

while including our knowledge and skills in art, permaculture and natural building, has become our main passion.  

We aim to empower children with some of the most important life skills, like growing organic food and building

their own homes, while taking care of their well being and environment.

Our materials are suitable for homeschooling parents, playschools, the classroom settings, summer camps and so on.


Learning is easy when it's fun.

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Learning materials in Spanish, homeschool
Manta Ray

Books for children

Learning materials and games


Do you want to teach your child something new?
Are you a homeschooling parent?
Are you a teacher searching for interesting learning materials for your class?
Would you like to make the learning experience fun?
Are you interested in teaching your child a new language in an easy way?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions,

you can find suitable learning materials for any child, right here!

Once printed and laminated (and/or placed in folder with clear A4 plastic sheets,

and used with non-permanent marker pens), all of the materials become reusable, for as many children as needed.

I print all my learning materials here for great prices.

They deliver in EU

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